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The Library is open Thursdays from 10am - Noon, and Sundays during coffee hour. Alternative hours may be available by appointment. If you wish to make an appoint to use the library on days other than Thursdays or Sundays please email Larry the Librarian 


Location: The Library is located inside Trinity Presbyterian Church at 420 Melrose Avenue, Santa Cruz. The entrance is on the Popular Street side of our campus, through the Fellowship Hall then to the right of the Kitchen.

Wi-Fi: Free WiFi is available during library hours. The password is posted on the inside wall.  

Hospitality:  Free French Press Coffee is provided on Thursdays along with some individually packaged snacks. (This policy is subject to change due to COVID variations)


Covid Precautions: Please wear a mask if you are not actively eating or drinking. We always keep the windows open to improve circulation. There is an available restroom where you can wash your hands. 

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