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Book Reviews and Reflections


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Welcome to the Reviews and Reflections page.  I am Larry the Librarian. I earned a bachelor of arts at Bethany Bible College.  I was a Theology major and a History minor. I first developed my love of research there while writing a paper on the early church's debates on the Trinity. (There is a certain irony that I am now the librarian at Trinity Library.)  I also received a Masters Degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary were I experienced and enjoyed the Graduate Theological Library in Berkeley. While at Princeton I was privileged to use the Wright Library to complete my Doctoral work on religious initiation from both theological and sociological perspectives.  We are a truly literary church.  We have a modest but mighty book collection. I will be highlighting aspects of that collection on this page. 


The Way Movie

The Way Movie Synopsis

Armed with his son's backpack and guidebook, Tom navigates the 800 km pilgrimage from the French Pyrenees, to Santiago de Compostela in the north west of Spain, but soon discovers that he will not be alone on this journey.

This CD is a thoughtful adventure if like millions of others in our society you are considering the pilgrimage of a life time or see life as a sacred pilgrimage. 


The Art of Pilgrimage; The Seekers Guide to Making Travel Sacred

By Phil Cousineau Conari Press 2021

Not a guidebook to holy sites, this book is designed to help travelers focus on the purpose and intention at every stage of their journey no matter where they are going. "The Art of Pilgrimage" includes stories of traditional pilgrimages such as those to Canterbury or Jerusalem, but also ones to Shakespeare's home, Graceland, or the "Field of Dreams" in Iowa. Phil Cousineau recounts anecdotes from his own travels covering over 50 countries and offers readers the advice he gives when leading tours for the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

Europe's most popular pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago attracts wayfarers of all stripes to walk its ancient paths in search of meaning. One such pilgrim is Dane Johansen, an American cellist who walks the Camino with his instrument on his back, performing music for his fellow pilgrims along the way.

Accompanied by the vast landscapes of Northern Spain, the haunting music of J.S. Bach (performed by Johansen), and the very personal struggles and joys of the many pilgrims encountered along the way, Strangers on the Earth examines the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the concept of 'journey' and the vital role it can play as part of the human experience. 

I really enjoyed every minute of this DVD. If you like Bach, Adventure or if wan to go on a virtual Bach Adventure this is for you. 


This book was translated into an academy award winning documentary. To compose his stunning documentary film I Am Not Your Negro, acclaimed filmmaker Raoul Peck mined James Baldwin's published and unpublished oeuvre, selecting passages from his books, essays, letters, notes, and interviews that are every bit as incisive and pertinent now as they have ever been. Weaving these texts together, Peck brilliantly imagines the book that Baldwin never wrote. In his final years, Baldwin had envisioned a book about his three assassinated friends, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King. His deeply personal notes for the project have never been published before. Peck's film uses them to jump through time, juxtaposing Baldwin's private words with his public statements, in a blazing examination of the tragic history of race in America.

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