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Art and Media Displays at Trinity Library

There are rotating art and media displays at the Trinity Library. In conjunction with the displays, books are featured for check out that go in concert with the display. 

Here is a list of Present and Future Displays

February 2023 In honor of Black History Month Black Culture will be emphasized with books of famous black authors featured including philosophers, historians and theologians of color. Our reflections and review section will feature reviews of books by Black Authors. 


March/April 2023  We will reprise and update last years Lent and Easter season display,  Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Rites. 


May 2023 Library Spring Cleaning. Various memorabilia from 80 years of library collections will be on display including rare books and papers. Hidden treasures continue to appear as the library undergoes it current reorganization. 

June 2023  To be Announced

July 2023   We will reprise our "Trinitarians in Uniform" display in honor of July 4th. 

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