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Art and Media Displays at Trinity Library

There are rotating art and media displays at the Trinity Library. In conjunction with the displays, books are featured for check out that go in concert with the display. 

Here is a list of Present and Future Displays

July 2023   We will reprise our "Trinitarians in Uniform" display in honor of July 4th. This display will last through Veterans Day in November. There also books and pamphlets on display dealing with the church's long struggle with the ethical issues of war and peace. In light of the Russian Ukraine war we need to take a thoughtful ethical stance. 

December and January 2023

This Year’s Library Advent Display includes more than Nativity Scenes and pictures of Creches from the around the world. From the Library Archives we have many pictures of a Christmas pageant from decades ago. They have been posted on the walls of the library. Come visit the library and see if you can recognize any of the folks. The first person to recognize and correctly name five people will win a 5 Dollar Starbucks card! 



February 2024

In February, in honor of Black History month, the library will have on display a wide variety of profound and significant books by and about African Americans. These cover the fields of academics, politics, religion, sports, entertainment and philosophy. There is also a display of posters and images from important Black culture movies. You won’t want to miss this thoughtful and entertaining event. 

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