Art and Media Displays at Trinity Library

There are rotating art and media displays at the Trinity Library. In conjunction with the displays, books are featured for check out that go in concert with the display. 

Here is a list of Present and Future Displays


June and July 2022 How I spent my Summer Pre Vaccination:   Remember the first big lockdown?  This display will feature pictures of folks from Trinity showing  how they handled COVID through Gardening, Baking, inventing new cocktails or just chilling on the front porch.


Planned Future Displays

August 2022 Trinitarians in the Arts:   We are going to feature poems, prose and books by Trinitarians. Pictures will be curated which show Trinitarians in musical or theatre productions. 


September 2022 Back to School Blues, Rules and Tools. We will feature photos and documents from schools where Trinitarians  have graduated. There will be a thesis catalog on display. 


October 2022 Local Literary Illuminati:  We will feature three local authors, Trinity’s own Ed and Sally Sams, and local mystery writer Nancy Lynn Jarvis. Author of the P.I. Pat series. As special bonus Ed and Nancy will be presenting a panel discussion. Dates TBA 


November 2022 Trinitarians in Uniform from Generation to Generation: This is a reprise of last year’s display. We had pictures of Trinitarians in Uniform and from multiple conflicts as far back as the civil war.


December 2022 Christmas Creches around the world: We will have a fascinating display of photos and actual nativity scenes from around the world. This display is typically accompanied by Handel’s music in the background.