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Our library was originally located in what is now the office of our current Pastor, Reverend Katheryn McGinnis. 

At that time the Pastor’s office was located where our current narthex is located. That office was devastated by a fired caused by an arsonist. We rebuilt by expanding the narthex (front entrance to the church) moving the library to its current site by the Fellowship Hall and placing the pastor’s office where it is now. 


The library collections were increased in depth and volume by the gift of the Hope Library collection. This collection included over a half dozen books by Hans Kung and a large collection of books on the historical Jesus donated by Bob Hope. Our current annual all-church retreat is called the Bob Hope Retreat in his honor. 

Our current library is called the Hazel R. Nutt Library. Hazel was born Hazel Roe. She was a Native American of the Cherokee Tribe.  She was married to John Nutt.

Hazel was a long-time member of Trinity Presbyterian Church, filling every volunteer job from Sunday School Teacher to Elder. Her most significant contribution was the many years she worked with the Presbytery.

As a child, Hazel had polio, which left her with a significant limp. Hazel lived down the street from the church on Melrose, and although it was difficult, she walked to church weekly, and for meetings, for many years. 

Hazel’s best friend was the Trinity church secretary, Dorothy Derby. Once Dorothy got a car, she gave Hazel a ride to and from church, to and from Presbytery meetings, to mid-week meetings, to the grocery store, and doctor appointments. The two of them were so close they called themselves sisters. Wherever Hazel needed to go, Dorothy would take a book and just sit in the car and wait for her.

We have never known anyone with a deeper love of God and a deeper faith than Hazel.  She was always reading and studying and researching, to know more about the Presbyterian Faith. 


In all the years we knew Hazel, we never once heard her say anything negative or mean-spirited about anyone. She was always so kind and gentle and loving. 

When Hazel passed away, it was a huge loss to Trinity. Because she was always reading, and because she left her books to Trinity, Session decided to make one of the alcoves off the Fellowship Hall into a library and name it in Hazel’s honor.

The library lay dormant during the first season of COVID. The current librarian took that opportunity to clean, categorize and update the collection. 

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